Customer Privacy Policy

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Your Information

The information you provide in our form to request an estimate is used to give you the contact details (and estimates if appropriate) of up to 8 suppliers. If you do not wish to enter a telephone number, you can instead enter 0000. We use the postcode you supply (either the postcode district or the full postcode if given) as a means of determining the closest suppliers to you, so that we only give you details relevant to you. We use the email address you supply to send you an email with all the contact details of up to 8 suppliers in your area. You are then able to contact them directly if you wish. We will also send you an email requesting feedback on our website and on any of the suppliers you have chosen to use. After that we will not use your information again.
Your information is stored by us for a maximum of 1 year. After 1 year your information will be deleted.

Who we share your data with

The information you provide to us on the estimate form is passed to the suppliers in your local area, so that they can contact you about your requirement and provide a more accurate estimate for you. We do not pass your information on to any other third parties. We do not add your details to a mailing list.


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We don't have third party advertisements at all on our website, so none of this applies to us, and none of our cookies are used for bad purposes!

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Your rights

If you are not happy with your information being used in this way, you can contact us and ask us to stop the process of generating estimates and passing your information to the relevant suppliers. You can also request that your data be permanently deleted. Please be aware that if you do request this, this will also mean that we will be unable to provide you with any of the information that you have given us, the details of any suppliers we provided you with, or even that you have used our system at all. We will deal with these requests within a reasonable timeframe.

Queries, problems, and complaints

If you have any queries, problems, or complaints about this website please write to :-

Goldhorse Consultants Limited, The Stables, rear of, 60 The Avenue, SOUTHAPTON, SO17 1XS