Electrical Report

If the electrical wiring installation is old, or has been extensively altered or extended, or appears suspect, a Surveyor is likely to recommend that it is inspected and tested by an electrician. The electrician should be registered or members of one of the following organisations:

BRE Certification Ltd
British Standards Institution
Elecsa Ltd
Napit Registration Ltd
NICEIC Group Ltd
Select (Scotland)
ECA - Electrical Contractors Association

Registered electricians will work to the UK National Standard BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installation


Very often a NICEIC Periodic Inspection Report will be carried out for a prospective homebuyer. It is a very detailed report, often far too detailed for a homebuyer, and could be considered unintelligible to all but an electrician.

The NICEIC Periodic Inspection Report must be presented on special forms. There are about seven different forms which must be used for each report. Each set of forms is provided with a unique reference at the top left corner - this allows the forms to be traced back to the NICEIC registered electrical contractor to whom they were originally supplied.


We have developed a Homebuyer Electrical Report to meet the needs of homebuyers. This would be carried out by a NICEIC registered electrician and comprises an inspection of the readily accessible parts of the electrical installation, and a number of tests to check the integrity and safety of the installation.

The report identifies and classifies problems according to the NICEIC scale:
1 Requires urgent attention
2 Requires improvement
3 Requires further investigation
4 Does not comply with BS7671
(this does not necessarily imply that the installation is unsafe)

Where repairs or remedial works are required, budget costs or a proper quotation are requested.

So that we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of a Electrical Report, please fill in the following form giving us as much information as possible. You will get contact details and estimates for electricians who can do this for you.